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CD-s EMI didn't start releasing the official Beatles-CD's until 1987. Prior to this, some other companies had released early Beatles-recordings on the CD format. Here you'll find the official CD's.  Graphics heavy.
LP-s All the Beatles LP's released by EMI in the UK (United Kingdom), fully illustrated. In addition, there's an index over collector's boxed-sets of those same LP's, and finally some words on how to get a complete collections of all the songs. Graphics heavy.
Non -  EMI Here are the recordings that were not released by EMI: Decca sessions, Live in Hamburg and the Polydor-record.
Singles All released singles with The Beatles from the years 1962-1996. Only EMI-singles and only in the UK.Graphics heavy.
EP-s All british EP-records with The Beatles (EMI) Graphics heavy.


Special christmas-singles and a christmas album, only released to members of the official Beatles-fanclub.
Video/DVD This section is an index of video films, laserdiscs and DVD's with The Beatles. Graphics heavy.


45  33 1/3

In this part, you'll find an index of Beatles records where either the cover or the record has been manufactured in Norway. Graphics heavy.


A non-illustrated USA discography


A selection of particularly nice or rare european LP's from the days when they didn't have to look like their UK counterparts.


John Lennon's solo releases (in norwegian)


George Harrison's solo releases


Paul McCartney's solo releases (in norwegian)


Ringo Starr's solo releases

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