1970: Let It Be


Apple/May 8, 1970. First released in a boxed set with a book entitled "Get Back". 

Re-released without box and book on November 6, 1970) PXS 1 (w/box) PCS 7096 (without)

Produced by George Martin All songs composed by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, unless otherwise noted.

Side 1:

Dig A Pony 
Across The Universe 
I Me Mine (George Harrison) 
Dig It (John Lennon/Paul McCartney/George Harrison/Richard Starkey) 
Let It Be 
Maggie Mae (trad.) 

Side 2:

I've Got A Feeling 
One After 909 
The Long And Winding Road 
For You Blue (George Harrison) 
Get Back 

The soundtrack to the documentary Let It Be movie, recorded by George Martin and Glyn Johns, but later remixed and with added overdubs by Phil Spector.

The "Get Back" book was filled with quotes from the making of the "Let It Be" movie, as well as hundreds of photos taken by Ethan Russell.

"I dig a pygmy by Charles Hawtrey on the deaf aids. Phase one in which Doris gets her oats" (G.B.no. 22.45)

Two Of Us

Recorded 31st January 1969 - 3 takes (10-12)
(G.B.no. 31.5)

Final mix - take 11.

Dig A Pony

Rooftop recording - 30th January 1969
(G.B.no. 30.8)

Across The Universe

Recorded 4th February 1968 - 8 takes

Overdubs 8th February 1968 onto take 8

Overdubs 1st April 1970 onto take 8 creating take 9

Final mix - take 9.

I Me Mine

Recorded 3rd January 1970 - 16 takes

Overdubs 1st April 1970 onto take 16 creating takes 17 & 18

Final mix - take 18.

Dig It

Recorded 26th January 1969

(G.B.no. 26.27)

"That was 'Can You Dig It' by Georgie Wood. Now we'd like to do 'Ark The Angels Come'"
(G.B.no. 24.73)

Let It Be

Recorded 31st January 1969 8 (or more !) takes (20-27)

(G.B.no. 31.38 - Take 27A)

Overdubs 30th April 1969 onto take 27

Overdubs 4th January 1970 onto take 27 creating takes 28-30

Final mix - take 30.

Maggie Mae

Recorded 24th January 1969

(G.B.no. 24.41)

I've Got A Feeling

Rooftop recording - 30th January 1969

(G.B.no. 30.4)

One After 909

Rooftop recording - 30th January 1969

(G.B.no. 30.6)

"Oh Danny boy, the Isles of Ken are calling"
(G.B.no. 30.7)

The Long And Winding Road

Recorded 31st January 1969 7 takes (13-19)

(G.B.no. 31.20 - take 18)

Overdubs 1st April 1970 using takes 17-19 onto take 18

Final mix - take 18.

"The Queen says 'No' to pot smoking F.B.I. members"
(G.B.no. 8.18)

For You Blue

Recorded 25th January 1969 - 6 takes

(G.B.no. 25.25 - Final take)

Get Back

Recorded 27th January 1969 - 3 takes

(G.B.no. 27.6)

"Thanks Mo" "I'd like to say thankyou on behalf of the group and ourselves and I hope we pass the audition"
This end ad-lib is from the rooftop performance 30th January 1969 (G.B.no. 30.13)

The G.B. numbers refers to "GET BACK - The Beatles Let It Be Disaster", a book by Doug Sulpy and Ray Schweighardt which chronicles the recording and filming of the Get Back/Let It Be-project in great detail.

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