2003: Let It Be Naked

Let It Be...Naked

Apple November 17. 2003.  07243 595438 0 2

side 1:

Get Back  
Dig A Pony 
For You Blue 
The Long and Winding Road 
Two of Us 
I've Got A Feeling 

side 2:

One After 909 
Don't Let Me Down 
I Me Mine 
Across The Universe 
Let It Be 

Single,"Fly on the Wall", side 1:

Sun King
Don't Let Me Down
One After 909
Because I Know You Love Me So
Don't Pass Me By
Taking A Trip To Carolina
John's Piano Piece
Child Of Nature
Back In The USSR
Every Little Thing
Don't Let Me Down
All Things Must Pass

Single,"Fly on the Wall", Side 2:

She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
Paul's Piano Piece
Get Back
Two Of Us
Maggie Mae
Fancy My Chances With You
Can You Dig It?
Get Back

This "de-spectorised" version of the "Let It Be" LP was released in 2003, featuring the same old songs as on the original LP, minus Dig It and Maggie May, but including Don't Let Me Down. The songs sounds different due to having been cleaned up and stripped from the arrangements done by Phil Spector in 1970. All the in-between banter has also been removed, making it a more coherent, "official"-sounding LP. In some instances, different takes of the songs have been used. A single, playable on 33 1/3 was included in the package, featuring fragments and snippets from the infamous "Get Back"-sessions. The LP had a gatefold sleeve and a booklet with pictures and text from the original "Get Back"-book from the Let It Be boxed set.

Labelen (Etiketten) Boka


GET BACK - Take number unknown. [Takes were not numbered.] Recorded Tuesday, January 28, 1969.
DIG A PONY - Rooftop version. [Only one was recorded.] Recorded Thursday, January 30, 1969.
FOR YOU BLUE - Take 6. Recorded Saturday, January 25, 1969. George Harrison lead vocal overdub recorded on January 8, 1970. [NOTE: Some, but not all, of this vocal overdub appears on "Let It Be...Naked."
THE LONG AND WINDING ROAD - Take 19. Recorded Friday, January 31, 1969.
TWO OF US - Take 12. Recorded Friday, January 31, 1969.
I'VE GOT A FEELING - Composite of rooftop versions 1 and 2. [NOTE: The bulk of this is version 2.] Recorded Thursday, January 30, 1969.
ONE AFTER 909 - Rooftop version. [NOTE: Only one was recorded.] Recorded Thursday, January 30, 1969.
DON'T LET ME DOWN - Composite of rooftop versions 1 and 2. [mostly version 1.] Recorded Thursday, January 30, 1969.
I ME MINE - Take 16. Recorded Saturday, January 3, 1970. Electric piano, electric guitar, lead vocals, backing vocals, organ and second acoustic guitar overdubs recorded later that day.
ACROSS THE UNIVERSE - Take 7. Recorded Sunday, February 4, 1968. John Lennon lead vocal overdub recorded later that day.
LET IT BE - Composite of Takes 27 A and B. [mostly Take 27A.] Recorded Friday, January 31, 1969. Backing vocal overdubs recorded on January 4, 1970. Bass guitar overdub recording date unknown. [The bass was recorded as an overdub because the original Glyn Johns "Get Back" mix features the exact same take, but with a completely different bassline, played live by John Lennon.]


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