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The Beatles' UK album covers

by Patrick Roefflaer

For the writing of this article I have used information found in the following books: 'Yesterday' by Robert Freeman, The Beatles Anthology book, 'Many Years From Now' by Miles, 'In My Life' by Pete Shotton, 'The complete EMI Recording Sessions' by Mark Lewisohn and 'The Beatles London' by Mark Lewisohn and Peter Schreuder.

Furthermore I found interesting information on countless websites.


A Collection of Beatles Oldies - David Christian

In late 1966, George Martin informed E.M.I. that there would be no new Beatles record in time for Christmas. This left the chance for the first Beatles "Greatest Hits" collection. It contained eight tracks not previously available on L.P. One track, 'Bad Boy' had previously been unreleased in the U.K, making it an essential purchase for the completist.

The front cover artwork was by David Christian, in very 60's flower power style.

For the rear cover a colour photograph by Robert Whittaker (sic) was chosen. It was taken on June 30, while on tour in Japan. Before the first show in the Nippon Budokan Hall they started an oil and watercolors painting on a large paper.

A Collection of Beatles Oldies back cover - Robert Whitaker

Bob Whitaker witnessed how, after the concert, the four of them continued working on the painting while listening to acetates of Revolver and smoking some pot. A different picture from the same evening is reprinted in 'The Beatles Anthology' book.

The Beatles are painting in Japan - Robert Whitaker

The painting - finished

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