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The Parlophone R-series

The Parlophone R-series

This is a list over Beatles and solo-Beatles singles in the famous Parlophone "R" - series. Parlophone records in the UK started this series decades before The Beatles began their recording career, and jazz lovers may be familiar with the ten inch 78 r.p.m. records from the thirties. The "R"-series contained records that were more expensive than records released in the contemporary "F" - series. The series consists of single records bearing catalogue numbers starting with the letter R followed by a four digit number. For instance the 78 r.p.m. record with the catalogue number R 2379 is by McKenzie & Condon's Chicagoans and contains the foxtrots "Liza"/"Sugar".

In the late fifties, the format changed, but the R-series continued with 45 r.p.m. seven inch discs. The Beatles made their debut with R 4949 - "Love Me Do".

The four lads from Liverpool remained faithful to the R-series throughout their career, and despite the fact that they switched label to their own "Apple" company label on their records, the R-numbering continued.
When they embarked on their solo careers in the seventies, all four still released singles on Parlophone, in the R-series. In the mid-seventies, George Harrison and Ringo Starr signed with other labels, thus their later singles were released in other series by other record companies. John remained unsigned until he made a comeback in 1980, when he signed to the Geffen label. After his death, Yoko Ono again signed his recordings to Parlophone records, and we started seeing R-series singles with John again. George also re-signed with Parlophone shortly before his death, which resulted in a couple of new R-series singles by him. Paul McCartney remained with EMI until 2006, although for a couple of years he was with Capitol, and not Parlophone. Still, his Capitol singles stayed loyal to the R-series numbering, and he released his singles in this series until 2005.

In the listing below, the word "label" means record company. Often, the record label of Paul's singles bears a design taken from a contemporary album.
The 12" - single format is recognized by the prefix 12 before the R, and the CD-single has the prefix CD. These releases are still in the R-series, continuing the numbering. Only 12"-singles and CD-singles that lack their 7" counterpart has been listed. Planned but unreleased singles in the R-series are listed with comments. Date format: day/month/year.

5/10/62Beatles7"ParlophoneR 4949Love Me Do
11/01/63Beatles7"ParlophoneR 4983Please Please Me
12/04/63Beatles7"ParlophoneR 5015From Me To You
23/08/63Beatles7"ParlophoneR 5055She Loves You
29/11/63Beatles7"ParlophoneR 5084I Want To Hold Your Hand
20/03/64Beatles7"ParlophoneR 5114Can't Buy Me Love
10/07/64Beatles7"ParlophoneR 5160A Hard Day's Night
27/11/64Beatles7"ParlophoneR 5200I Feel Fine
9/04/65Beatles7"ParlophoneR 5265Ticket To Ride
23/07/65Beatles7"ParlophoneR 5305Help!
3/12/65Beatles7"ParlophoneR 5389Day Tripper
10/06/66Beatles7"ParlophoneR 5452Paperback Writer
5/08/66Beatles7"ParlophoneR 5493Eleanor Rigby
17/02/67Beatles7"ParlophoneR 5570Strawberry Fields Forever
7/07/67Beatles7"ParlophoneR 5620All You Need Is Love
24/11/67Beatles7"ParlophoneR 5655Hello Goodbye
15/03/68Beatles7"ParlophoneR 5675Lady Madonna
30/08/68Beatles7"AppleR 5722Hey Jude
11/04/69Beatles7"AppleR 5777Get Back
30/05/69Beatles7"AppleR 5786The Ballad Of John And Yoko
31/10/69Beatles7"AppleR 5814Something
6/03/70Beatles7"AppleR 5833Let It Be
15/01/71George Harrison7"AppleR 5884My Sweet Lord
19/02/71Paul McCartney7"AppleR 5889Another Day
12/03/71John Lennon7"AppleR 5892Power To The People
9/04/71Ringo Starr7"AppleR 5898It Don't Come Easy
30/07/71George Harrison7"AppleR 5912Bangla Desh
13/08/71Paul McCartney7"AppleR 5914Back Seat Of My Car
1972Wings7"AppleR 5932Love Is Strange (unreleased)
25/02/72Wings7"AppleR 5936Give Ireland Back To The Irish
17/03/72Ringo Starr7"AppleR 5944Back Off Boogaloo
12/05/72Wings7"AppleR 5949Mary Had A Little Lamb
10/72John Lennon7"AppleR 5953Woman Is The Nigger Of The World (unreleased)
24/11/72John Lennon7"AppleR 5970Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
1/12/72Wings7"AppleR 5973Hi Hi Hi
23/03/73Paul McCartney & Wings7"AppleR 5985My Love
25/05/73George Harrison7"AppleR 5988Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)
1/06/73Paul McCartney & Wings7"AppleR 5987Live And Let Die
19/10/73Ringo Starr7"AppleR 5992Photograph
26/10/73Paul McCartney & Wings7"AppleR 5993Helen Wheels
16/11/73John Lennon7"AppleR 5994Mind Games
8/02/74Ringo Starr7"AppleR 5995You're Sixteen
15/02/74Paul McCartney & Wings7"AppleR 5996Jet
28/06/74Paul McCartney & Wings7"AppleR 5997Band On The Run
4/10/74John Lennon7"AppleR 5998Whatever Gets You Thru The Night
25/10/74Paul McCartney & Wings7"AppleR 5999Junior's Farm
15/11/74Ringo Starr7"AppleR 6000Only You
6/12/74George Harrison7"AppleR 6002Ding Dong
31/01/75John Lennon7"AppleR 6003No.9 Dream
21/02/75Ringo Starr7"AppleR 6004Snookeroo
28/02/75George Harrison7"AppleR 6001Dark Horse
18/04/75John Lennon7"AppleR 6005Stand By Me
16/05/75Wings7"CapitolR 6006Listen To What The Man Said
5/09/75Wings7"CapitolR 6008Letting Go
12/09/75George Harrison7"AppleR 6007You
24/10/75John Lennon7"AppleR 6009Imagine
28/11/75Wings7"CapitolR 6010Venus And Mars/Rock Show
9/01/76Ringo Starr7"AppleR 6011Oh My My
6/02/76George Harrison7"AppleR 6012This Guitar (Can't Keep From Crying)
8/03/76Beatles7"ParlophoneR 6013Yesterday
30/04/76Wings7"CapitolR 6014Silly Love Songs
25/06/76Beatles7"ParlophoneR 6016Back In The U.S.S.R.
23/07/76Wings7"CapitolR 6015Let 'em In
4/02/77Wings7"CapitolR 6017Maybe I'm Amazed
11/11/77Wings7"CapitolR 6018Mull Of Kintyre
23/03/78Wings7"ParlophoneR 6019With A Little Luck
16/06/78Wings7"ParlophoneR 6020I've Had Enough
26/08/78Wings7"ParlophoneR 6021London Town
30/09/78Beatles7"ParlophoneR 6022Sgt.Peppers/With A Little Help
23/03/79Wings7"ParlophoneR 6023Goodnight Tonight
1/06/79Wings7"ParlophoneR 6026Old Siam Sir
16/08/79Wings7"ParlophoneR 6027Getting Closer
16/11/79Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6029Wonderful Christmastime
11/04/80Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6035Coming Up
13/06/80Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6037Waterfalls
19/09/80Paul McCartney12"Parlophone12 R 6039Temporary Secretary (not released on 7")
29/03/82Paul McCartney & Stevie Wonder7"ParlophoneR 6054Ebony And Ivory
24/05/82Beatles7"ParlophoneR 6055Movie Medley
21/06/82Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6056Take It Away
20/09/82Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6057Tug Of War
15/11/82John Lennon7"ParlophoneR 6059Love
3/10/83Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson7"ParlophoneR 6062Say Say Say
5/12/83Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6064Pipes Of Peace
1984Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson7"ParlophoneR 6066The Man (not released)
24/09/84Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6080No More Lonely Nights (Ballad)
12/11/84Paul McCartney and the Frog Chorus7"ParlophoneR 6086We All Stand Together
1985Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6089Ballroom Dancing (unreleased)
18/11/85John Lennon7"ParlophoneR 6117Jealous Guy
18/11/85Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6118Spies Like Us
14/07/86Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6133Press
27/10/86Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6145Pretty Little Head
1/12/86Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6148Only Love Remains
16/11/87Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6170Once Upon A Long Ago
8/05/89Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6213My Brave Face
17/07/89Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6223This One
13/11/89Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6235Figure Of Eight
23/11/89Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6238Party Party
5/02/90Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6246Put It There
8/10/90Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6271Birthday
26/11/90Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6278All My Trials
28/12/92Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6330Hope Of Deliverance
28/02/93Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6338C'mon People
6/03/95Beatles7"AppleR 6406Baby It's You (EP - but numbered as a single!)
4/12/95Beatles7"AppleR 6422Free As A Bird
4/03/96Beatles7"AppleR 6425Real Love
28/04/97Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneRP 6462Young Boy
7/07/97Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneRP 6472The World Tonight
15/12/97Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneRP 6489Beautiful Night
24/10/99Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6527No Other Baby
2000John Lennon7"ParlophoneR 6534Imagine
29/10/01Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6567From A Lover To A Friend
5/11/01Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneRS 6567Freedom / From A Lover To A Friend
14/01/02George HarrisonCDParlophoneCDR 6571My Sweet Lord
12/05/03George Harrison7"ParlophoneR 6601Any Road
8/12/03John Lennon7"AppleR 6627Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
20/09/04Paul McCartney7"E.M.I.R 6649Tropic Island Hum
29/08/05Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6673Fine Line
21/11/05Paul McCartney7"ParlophoneR 6678Jenny Wren