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NORWEGIAN WOOD No 114 - Autumn 2008
Summary in English

Norwegian Wood 114

Page 1
Front cover - from 1964

Page 2
Inside cover - Ringo in Concert 2008 by Lars Olav Hole

Page 3
Contents & Credits

Page 4-5
Editorial: Ole talks The Beatles and parenting.

Page 6
Old newspaper clipping about The Beatles' children.

Page 7-8
President Linda about The Beatles influences on everyday phrases.

Page 9-12
Paul McCartney (Fireman): Lifelong Passion (Sail away)
Ringo Starr: Painting is my madness

Page 13-19
The Beatles play Northwich - about a concert on the 23d of June, 1962 - by Roger

Page 20-23
On Tour With The Beatles - Scotland 1963 by Ole

Page 24-37
Tripping The Fantastic Liverpool - Highlights about The Liverpool Sound concert

Page 38-44
Ringo Starr and His 10th All-Starr Band - 2008 Tour by Lars Olav Hole

Page 45-49
My Favourite Record - McCartney II by Kjetil Johannessen.

Page 50-61
A Starr of the Screen - a film-by-film review of Ringo's acting career by Linda

Page 62-68
The News Today, Oh Boy edited by Ole

  • New Let It Be DVD discussions
  • Historic set list discovered
  • Beatles tape found in loft
  • White album in Mojo
  • Beatles monopoly game
  • Beatles for sale (auction reports)
  • Magical Mystery Tour Memories
  • Unknown Lennon-photo published
  • Paul's summer concerts
  • My Soul - New Paul-song
  • Paul in Paralympics
  • George in Uncut
  • Ringo On Tour
  • Ringo's birtday celebrations
  • George Martin honoured
  • Bo Diddley dies

Page 69
Ad for the Beatles Festival in Beitostølen 2008

Page 70
Ad for the Beatles Convention in Karlstad, Sweden 2008

Page 71-73

Page 74
Mad Day Out photo

Summary of NW 115

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