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NORWEGIAN WOOD No 116 - March 2009
Summary in English

Norwegian Wood 116

Page 2: Photo: A bird's eye view of The Beatles playing on the rooftop 1969

Page 3: Contents page

Page 4: Dear Sir or Madam. By editor Ole-Andreas Refsnes.

Page 5: From Me To You. President Linda wonders why Germany was so poular for english groups so soon after WW2.

Page 6-7: Book review: Titanic by Tom Hermann Kristensen

Page 8-26: Sigbjørn Stabursvik continues his presentation of norwegian Beatles single-releases

Page 27-34: On Tour with The Beatles: The Chris Montez/Tommy Roe tour 1963 by Roger Stormo

Page 35-40: The Yellow Submarine comic book. Helge Halkjelsvik reminiscs.

Page 41-44: We still live in a Yellow Submarine by Roger Stormo

Page 45-47: The Yellow Submarine EP by Roger Stormo

Page 48-50: No Beatles reunion, fortunately! - Martin Aasen Wright opinions

Page 51-55: The Beatles Festival Liverpool 2008, Tanja Dale Scheibenbogen reports

Page 56-60: Rooftop concert anniversary: President Linda visited the scene

Page 61-63: I read the news today, oh boy by Martin Aasen Wright

Page 64: Yellow Submarine Quiz.

Page Page 65: Advert

Page 66: Adresses

Page 67 (inner cover back) This Boy promo film photo

Back cover: Photo: Yellow Submarine poster

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Summary of NW 114

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