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NORWEGIAN WOOD No 118 - October 2009
Summary in English

Norwegian Wood 118

The new issue of Norway's own Beatles magazine, Norwegian Wood has been issued. A record-breaking 112 pages of pure Beatlemania, which brings you this:

Page 2: Photo: b/w Close up of Henry McCullough

Page 3: Contents and Credits

Page 4-5: Svein Sivertsen in memoriam by Dagfinn Jarp

Page 6: Editorial by Ole-Andreas Refsnes

Page 7-8: The President speaks by Linda Engebråten

Page 9-63: Record reviews: "The Beatles Remastered", The Fireman-Electric Arguments (deLuxe edition), Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band:Don't Stop Me!(EP). The remasters were reviewed by a team from past and present members of our staff: Roger Stormo, Ole-Andreas, Linda, Erlend Fredholm, Joakim Krane Bech, Tore Waskaas, Christian Sundh, Martin Aaasen Wright, Marius H. Johannessen and Jon Vidar Bergan. Ole-Andreas reviewed the Fireman and Yoko Ono.

Page 64-65: Act Naturally - John, Paul, Tom & Ringo:The Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder DVD reviewed by Linda

Page 66-73: The Word: Book reviews of The Beatles in Scotland and The Beatles and Ireland by Roger

Page 74-78: The Beatles:RockBand game review by Linda & Joakim

Page 79-81: Bootleg: The Beatles:RockBand - The Songs reviewed by Roger

Page 82-88: What do you need besides the Remasters? by Roger

Page 89: Beatles listening party at the EMI by Linda

Page 90-91: On tour with the Beatles: Mini tour of Scotland, 1963 by Ole-Andreas

Page 92-98: Henry McCullough "Just for the craic" Poor man's tour, Norway 2009 by Tom H. Kristensen

Page 99: Yoko Ono at the Stenersen museum by Marius

Page 100-103: From Las Vegas with Love, travel log from Audun Molde

Page 104-108: The news today, oh boy edited by Martin

Page 109: Beatles quiz

Page 110: Names and Addresses

Page 111: Inner back cover photo: The Beatles:RockBand

Page 112: Back Cover: Paul and Ringo with the Remasters and RockBand

Norwegian Wood is published in Norwegian only, but the clickable links go to english verions of selected articles.

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