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NORWEGIAN WOOD No 119 - December 2009
Summary in English

Norwegian Wood 118

The new issue of Norway's own Beatles magazine, Norwegian Wood was out just in time for Christmas:

Page 2: A drawing of The Beatles

Page 3: Contents and Credits

Page 5: Editorial by Ole-Andreas Refsnes

Page 6: The President speaks by Linda Engebråten

Page 6-12: Record reviews: "Let It Roll - Songs by George Harrison" reviewed by Joakim Krane Bech, "Boots and Sand" by Yusuf Islam, featuring Paul McCartney & Dolly Parton, "A sideman's Journey" by Klaus Voormann, both reviewed by Ole-Andreas.

Page 13-15: Act Naturally - "Good Evening New York City" 2CD+DVD by Paul McCartney reviewed by Ole-Andreas

Page 16-20: The Word: Book reviews of "Paul McCartney - A Life" by Peter Ames Carlin, reviewed by Audun Molde and "Shoulda Been There - a novel on the life of John Winston Lennon" by Jude Southerland Kessler, reviewed by Terje Solbakken.

Page 21-22: "The Beatles Yellow Submarine", a stereo remaster review that was missing in the previous issue, reviewed by Tore Waskaas

Page 23-27: On Tour with The Beatles: Sweden 1963 by Steinar Glimsdal

Page 28-31: How I met The Beatles by Ole Kristian Fredriksen. Ole was a member of the Norwegian group "The Sunbeams", who appeared on the swedish television show "Drop-In" in 1963. Although they appeared in the program a week after the fabs, the two shows were recorded on the same day, so "The Sunbeams" shared the wardrobe with The Beatles on October 30th, 1963.

Page 32-58: "Crossroads - The Beatles & Eric Clapton" by Ole-Andreas. A chronicle of Eric's Beatle connections.

Page 59-62: Cameo Parkway: A story of the record company, as seen through a Beatlefan's eyes by R.Bekkå.

Page 63-66: Opinions: The Beatles Remasters are embraced by Ståle Kverndokk and dismissed by Arne Færøvik.

Page 67-68: The Beatles Festival at Beitostølen is summarized by Linda

Page 69-71: The Lennon/McCartney 2012 World Tour by Leif Ovesen, Audun Molde and Haakon Ellingsen. A "What if..." with three different suggestions for the set list.

Page 72-74: Beatles Cruise by Roger Stormo. An invitation to the upcoming Beatles cruise.

Page 75-79: The News Today, Oh Boy by Martin Aasen Wright: Box of Vision, the apple usb stick, remastered vinyls, Pete Best in India, Zemeckis' new Yellow Submarine, David Lynch about the Maharishi, Norwegian Wood on Facebook, Canadian Lennon movie:Let Him Be, Paul's tour of Europe, Children in Need in RAH, Paul on Ringo's "Y Not", new book from Genesis about the Traveling Wilburys, Crazy for James (Louis McCartney), Sean and Julian gives peace a chance, Zak follows Liam Gallagher, Dhani promises a better Rock Band 3.

Page 80: Beatles Quiz by Joakim

Page 81: Names and Addresses

Page 82: Ad for The Beatles:RockBand and instruments

Page 83: Inner back cover photo: "Voyage of the Fritz"

Page 84: Back Cover: Plastic Ono Supergroup

Norwegian Wood is published in Norwegian only.

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