February 1963 R 4983 Parlophone 1. Please Please Me/Ask Me Why

Perhaps it was possible to import "Love Me Do" from Great Britain, but "Please Please Me" was the first of the norwegian-pressed Beatles-singles. The cover may, however, possibly be an import from Danmark. The unreleased "Leave My Kitten Alone"-cover is from the same photo session... Due to it's limited availability this single didn't chart in Norway!

Please Please Me Please Please Me
May 1963 R 5015 Parlophone 2. From Me To You/Thank You Girl

On "From Me To You" a photo appears for the first, but certainly not the last time on a norwegian single. This photo is used again and again on norwegian Beatles-singles this first year. We had no idea press photos of The Beatles were so scarce... Highest chart position: 9

From Me To You From Me To You
August 1963 SD 5946 Odeon 3. Twist And Shout/Boys

The first domestic release that strayed from the british single releases. Twist And Shout-single "borrowed" this cover photo from the british EP-release by the same name."Boys" was on the b-side. The original sleeve had a misprint: R 5946 instead of the correct prefix SD 5946. First corrected with a sticker, and later reprints has the correct prefix. Highest chart position: 7 (in 1964)

Twist And Shout
September 1963 R 5055 Parlophone 4. She Loves You/I'll Get You

It's "that picture" again. Issued in a green sleeve in 1963, re-released in 1966 with a red one (very rare). This was the Beatles first no.1 chart hit in Norway and it spent two weeks at the top.

She Loves You She Loves You She Loves You
November 1963 R 5084 Parlophone 5. I Want To Hold Your Hand/This Boy

The first editions of "I Want To Hold Your Hand" from 1964 had orange as the extra colour on the cover, but a danish advert on the back. The blue one is a pure norwegian version from 1967 (mega-rare). Highest chart position: 1 (where it spent three weeks)

I Want To Hold Your Hand I Want To Hold Your Hand
March 1964 R 5114 Parlophone 6. Can't Buy Me Love/You Can't Do That

"Can't Buy Me Love" can also be found with orange (very rare) as the main colour, as well as a super rare black/white edition. And as you can se...: that picture again. The Beatles million-selling single only made it to position no. 3 in the Norwegian charts.

Can't Buy Me Love Can't Buy Me Love
March 1964 SD 5958 Odeon 7. All My Loving/I Saw Her Standing There

The photo from "With The Beatles" is recirculated on this single, another single that wasn't released in the UK. Over here it charted, and it's highest position was no. 2.

All My Loving

The post-1966 re-release with a real typeface for the B-side (it was typewritten in 1963) is very very rare.

All My Loving
May 1964 DK 1619 Odeon 8. Roll Over Beethoven/Please Mister Postman

The domestic release "Roll Over Beethoven" managed to get George a single-a-side quite early here in Norway. This item is also available in a more orange-y colour. Top chart position: 2.

Roll Over Beethoven Roll Over Beethoven
June 1964 DK 1622 Odeon 9. Long Tall Sally/I Call Your Name

And here he steps forward as the main person on the cover. As well as "that picture" again! Half the songs from a UK EP, this single didn't chart in Norway (but the imported EP "Long Tall Sally" went to no. 2 here)

Long Tall Sally

Nice to include the name of the band on the sleeve, which was missing on the first edition. Also a bit differently colourized, one can safely say.

Long Tall Sally
July 1964 R 5160 Parlophone 10. A Hard Day's Night/Things We Said Today

A photo from the Beatles visit to Paris in 1964. The picture was taken outside the hotel they stayed in, George V.

The single spent one week at no. 1 in the charts.

A Hard Day's Night A Hard Day's Night
September 1964 R 4949 Parlophone 11. Love Me Do/P.S. I Love You

Finally, "Love Me Do" also appeared as a norwegian pressing, no doubt because it sold well as an import. A tasteful picture sleeve, and as a bonus: the rare "Ringo" - edition of the song! Now where did they put that mastertape..? It didn't chart, though.

Love Me Do
September 1964 ND 7436 Odeon 12. I Should Have Known Better/And I Love Her

The Odeon-logo at the bottom of the left corner was violet, otherwise this cover was in black/white. It was a no.1 for two weeks. There's a variation with an orange logo out there, somewhere...

I Should Have Known Better
October 1964 DP 562 Parlophone 13. If I Fell/Tell Me Why

A funny thing: A cover with pictures of only TWO Beatles! Did they look that much alike that the record company made a mistake? This norwegian release spent two weeks at the top of the charts.

If I Fell
November 1964 R 5200 Parlophone 14. I Feel Fine/She's A Woman

A norwegian drawing was the basis of this picture cover. The drawing was also used on the first norwegian Beatles-EP (below). A huge hit in this country, the single spent seven weeks as a no.1.

I Feel Fine
January 1965 ND 7438 Odeon 15. Rock And Roll Music/Eight Days A Week

This was the Beatles best selling single in Norway in the sixties, the two songs from Beatles For Sale only spent three weeks at the top of the charts, but it sold really well over time. This cover was also for sale in yellow, and on that edition it's pretty hard to see what the picture was depicting...

Rock And Roll Music Rock And Roll Music

...which may have been the reason why on the 1967 re-release, the sleeve was completely redesigned. Megarare!

Rock And Roll Music
March 1965 R 5265 Parlophone 16. Ticket To Ride/Yes It Is

The "Beatles For Sale"-photo was called to duty as the decoration for this single. Four weeks at no.1 in Norway for "Ticket To Ride".

Ticket To Ride
July 1965 R 5305 Parlophone 17. Help!/I'm Down

A photo from the filming of Help! Norwegian singles were rarely this much "up to date", picturewise. The Beatles helped themselves to a healthy six weeks stay at no.1 with "Help!"

August 1965 SD 5985 Parlophone 18. I'll Follow The Sun/I Don't Want To Spoil The Party

One of the rare singles, because it didn't sell so well. It barely managed to sneak in among the top 10 singles at 10. Eleanor Bron is the lady in the picture, and the title is one "L" short...

I'll Follow The Sun
October 1965 ND 7442 Odeon 19. Yesterday/Act Naturally

Another Help!-photo accompanied this single. By looking at the front cover, it appears that "Act Naturally" is the A-side here, which was not the case. A girly favourite, "Yesterday" returned the boys to the top of the charts for another five weeks.

December 1965 R 5389 Parlophone 20. We Can Work It Out/Day Tripper

This one has the same cover picture as in Denmark. Another still photo from the Help! movie... and a no.1 for seven weeks.

We Can Work It Out
January 1966 SD 5987 Parlophone 21. Michelle/Girl

Just like this one, from the opening sequence of "Help!". The cover is available in nuances of blue or violet. Also covered by The Overlanders, but The Beatles beat them to the top, and spent four weeks there. After "Michelle", Norway stopped releasing extra titles as singles for a long while.

Michelle Michelle
May 1966 R 5452 Parlophone 22. Paperback Writer/Rain

A revolutionary single, with a not-so-revolutionary cover. The norwegian buyers liked it though, and sent the single to no.1 for four weeks.

Paperback Writer
Juli 1966 R 5493 Parlophone 23. Eleanor Rigby/Yellow Submarine

Not that this picture sleeve was very innovative either, but some development can be traced. Unlike the LP which halted at no.2 on the albums charts, this single was a no. 1 for seven weeks.

Eleanor Rigby
March 1967 R 5570 Parlophone 24. Strawberry Fields Forever/Penny Lane

The norwegian cover looked a bit like the one used on single no 22, and sold alongside the british import-cover. Together they spent six weeks at the top of the charts in Norway. Engelbert Humperdinck, go home!

Strawberry Fields Forever

The british cover was in full colour and must have been more in demand in those days, but the norwegian one is a lot harder to find now...

Strawberry Fields Forever
June 1967 R 5620 Parlophone 25. All You Need Is Love/Baby You're A Rich Man

This single was in the shops a short time after the song had been performed in the first ever satelite-transmitted tv-show Our World, which was an event on norwegian TV too. Four weeks at no. 1 swiftly followed.

All You Need Is Love
November 1967 R 5655 Parlophone 26. Hello Goodbye/I Am The Walrus

The same photos were used on the swedish edition of this single, but the norwegian cover was a lot more psychedelic :)
The single said "Hello no. 1" to the charts and waved "Goodbye" after five weeks.

Hello Goodbye
March 1968 R 5675 Parlophone 27. Lady Madonna/The Inner Light

Now we really started to import sleeves from Sweden, in order to have full colour covers. A stylish cover and a great picture, this one. "The inner light" is missing a word from the title, though. It failed to reach no.1, halting at no.2 in the singles charts.

Lady Madonna
August 1968 DP 570 Parlophone 28. Hey Jude/Revolution

The Hey Jude-cover suffered from the fact that the photo was taken two tears earlier, and thus not really up-to-date with The Beatles' "look". The photo is from one of the videos for Paperback Writer or Rain. Six weeks at no. 1 in the charts.

Hey Jude
April 1969 SD 6061 Apple or Parlophone 29. Back In The USSR/Don't Pass Me By

At last another domestic release again. A "mad day out" photo had the honour of adorning this single, which was ok, in keeping with it's time and good. The songs are from the mono "White album". It failed to chart.

Back In The USSR
April 1969 R 5777 Parlophone 30. Get Back/Don't Let Me Down

The Get Back-single was the first single to be released in stereo. Another "mad day out"-photo, but this time the picture didn't quite illustrate the Beatles' "looks" from the time of the recording. It went to no. 1 in the chart and spent six weeks there.

Get Back
May 1969 R 5786 Apple 31. The Ballad of John and Yoko/Old Brown Shoe

Released around the same time as the Get Back-single, The Ballad of John and Yoko still struggled it's way to the top of the charts, where it stayed for three weeks.

October 1969 ND 7485 Apple 32. Something/Come Together

And suddenly it's back to a sleeve printed in Norway and a goodbye to the full colours image. But a nice cover and a photo that fits into the time of the song isn't all that bad... It didn't land them another no. 1 though, as George's ballad stopped it's climbing at no. 2.

March 1970 R 5853 Apple 33. Let It Be/You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)

The final single in England was this one, the norwegian cover is a bit softer as it was printed on paper, not cardboard. It was probably printed in Sweden, since it's in colour. A solid no. 1 for five weeks.

July 1970 7E-006-04514 Apple 34. The Long And Winding Road/For You Blue

The final Beatles-single in Norway, The Long and Winding Road had the honour of having another locally printed cover. As did the first of the solo-singles from the former fabs, until we once again got singles printed (and pressed) in Sweden, and later Holland. And no, it didn't chart. Rare!

EP1. 1964: GEOS 225 I Feel Fine

EP-s used to be a 4-tracks 7-inches record with a thicker cardboard cover than the singles. "The poor man's LP" was one of the nicknames of these records, which were more expensive than a single, but cheaper than an LP. This is the first of the three norwegian EP's.

EP2. 1966: GEOS 245 Michelle

Michelle / Drive My Car / Run For Your Life / Girl: The cover was printed in Sweden, but the printer's logo is missing on some of the copies we've seen. Norwegian label.

EP3. 1966: GEOS 262 Yellow Submarine

Yellow Submarine / For No One / Eleanor Rigby / Good Day Sunshine: the cover was printed in Denmark. Norwegian label.