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The fanclub Norwegian Wood was started in 1980 on the initiative of two brothers, and aimed to gather norwegian Beatles fans in a club and to establish a fanzine through which the members could communicate with each other. The choice of title for the club and magazine was easy, as the Beatles had been kind enough to suggest one for us!

The first 25 editions of the fanzine were released in the years 1980-1986, and the club then closed down because all the work came to rely upon one man alone.

Two years later we tried again, this time with a separate editorial staff for the fanzine. Since then the number of members have been growing. In 1997 the club and the fanzine were further separated, and the club was retitled The Beatles fanclub of Norway, while the fanzine kept it's title. The club engaged an internet expert to set up a web site for us, and an international secretary to keep in contact with other Beatles fanclubs and magazines around the globe.

Norwegian Wood is published quarterly with 52-80 pages containing record and book reviews, fan letters, Q & A column, quizzes, ads, news and other stuff we find interesting. We invite our readers to tell us what they want us to write about. The number of writers have increased lately, as more of our members have been contributing material. The members are entitled to free ads in every edition, they can use as much as half a page each.

A new members' badge is also distributed every year. Norwegian Wood is a non-profit organization, all profits are recirculated into the club, and either used to produce special gifts distributed together with the magazine, to maintain our presence on the internet, to increase the number of pages in the magazine or to arrange or participate in Beatles-related events in Norway for the fans. This is a labour of love, and as such a reward in itself.

Lately, the norwegian fanclub has sometimes arranged Beatles-evenings in Oslo, to which fans in the surrounding area are invited. On almost every Beatles birthday, the club's president, Svein Sivertsen, celebrates by throwing a party in his house. In connection with Paul McCartney's concerts in Norway in 1989 and 1993 we helped our members to obtain tickets after the shows were sold out. The club arranged a bus trip to Gothenburg, Sweden to see Ringo Starr in 1992, and similarly a trip to Frankfurt, Germany to one of Paul McCartney's opening concerts of his New World Tour in february 1993. In 1998 we arranged a trip to Ringo's concert in Skanderborg, Denmark. We celebrated our 15th anniversary with a party in Oslo at easter 1995. Each year we publish details about the annual Liverpool Beatles convention, and some years we have been able to offer our members a package trip to these conventions. Norwegian Beatles cover bands have been playing at the Liverpool conventions from 1994 onwards.

In recent years, the fanclub has had a good relationship with EMI of Norway; the company did, for instance, invite us to bring 100 of our members to an early presentation of Flaming Pie. We have also been given promotional items concerning The Beatles Anthology series. And when Paul visited Norway in 1993, we were invited to his press conference and photo session. In 1999, members of the club enjoyed an invitation to a free screening of the newly restored Yellow Submarine movie. In 2001, EMI provided us with a promotional Lennon CD to distribute among nearly all of our members. We are also proud to say that - although the Beatles never visited our country as a band - Norwegian television has often been among the first to broadcast new documentaries such as Paul McCartney in The World Tonight and episode one of The Beatles Anthology (before these were broadcast in the U.K.).

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Our web-site opened in early 1997 : ) The purpose of the web site is primarily the same as the purpose of the club itself. To provide a means for norwegian Beatles fans with a forum to share their appreciation and love of the Beatles and their music with one another. There are secondary purposes as well: We aim to be a resource for information about things that matter to fans and collectors of Beatles music. We also use this website to promote the fanclub in order to attract and recruit new members. The international (i.e. english) version of the website is an extended hand to Beatles fans in other countries who do not have a Beatles fan club of their own, and a means of contact between the norwegian Beatles fanclub and other Beatles fanclubs worldwide. All we have is this world, let's make the best of it. And if the music of the Beatles is a way of crossing borders and make communication between people from around the globe possible, then we will do our best to promote and participate in this.

The images present on the website has been provided to visually enhance the site, as well as to share some of our favourite Beatles photographic moments with other fans. They have been gathered from many sources and are believed by us to be freely available for the promotion of Beatles music. If you believe you are the copyright holder of any photo on this site, please send us a mail where you state whether or not you will grant us permission to use a specific photo for display freely on the site. If you believe we infringe on your copyright and want to have your photo withdrawn, let us know, and we will remove specified photo(s).

We have established contact with several other Beatles fan clubs around the world. We regret that our magazine is quite impossible to read if you do not understand norwegian, danish or swedish (and supposedly you don't), but with every issue of Norwegian Wood we compose a summary in english, and if our contacts find any articles interesting, these may be translated in their entirety (into english) by our international fan club secretary.

We would like to take this opportunity to encourage everyone to love one another. This was the final wish of the late George Harrison and could be a good way to sum up the message of the Beatles. Although we feel that this is a message which most people could find in themselves to agree upon, it also seems to be a very difficult thing to live up to. But we urge you to make an effort. The world will be a better, brighter and more wonderful place if we all do.

All you need is love!


Twist and Shout!